The full title should read: People I want to learn from in the PHP Community Day 6 - Terry Chay

They say if you repeat his name out loud six times before a mirror in a darkened room all your commit messages are replaced with profanity. I’ve never tried, but my last day is coming up...

All joking aside, he can pull in a crowd, set twitter a tweeting, and inspires the #TCFC tag. While I obviously don’t have the breadth of experience he does, there are aspects of his speaking style that I would like to learn from. His audience pays attention rather than chatting on IRC, and there’s always a level of expectation before he starts. His slides manage to avoid putting people to sleep. There’s a lot for me to learn here, even if I try to duck the explicit tag. I’ve taken the first step, reading through titles like Presentation Zen, and Slide:ology(recommended by Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson, I’d recommend the first over the second myself), and I feel my slides have improved considerably. Terry’s presentations just seem to flow a bit better, and his delivery is always spot on, and entertaining.

On the blog side of things, Terry is also a regular poster (something I'm working on). One thing I like in particular is that all of his posts seem to have a high production value compared to the average post crossing an RSS reader. They're decently researched, accompanied by images that help explain the story, graphics that make you laugh, or pictures showing the subject. If more bloggers wrote like Terry, I'd probably install an RSS reader.

Terry: I’d like to learn more from you.

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