So this year at php|works we’re trying something a little different for the evening entertainment, You! (we had enough of me at php|tek).

The format is a little bit different than a talk (thank god) and hopefully a lot more fun. Basically the presenter gets up there with twenty slides, each are going to be shown for exactly 20 seconds, for a total of six minutes forty seconds. No take backs, no do-overs, no boring slides full of code.

The format lends itself well to quick, interesting presentations on pretty much anything. Plus, if you give a talk I’ll be buying you a drink!**

A couple of quick FAQ points:
Q: Do I have to be a speaker to give a talk?
A: Oh gosh no! I’ve heard enough of those guys already, I’d love to get some fresh blood up there.

Q: Does it need to be on PHP?
A: Oh gosh no! Make it interesting, make it on something important, something cool, something trendy! Remember there’s Python folks in the crowd as well.

Q: Why should I give a talk?
A: It’s fun. It’s a new format, something interesting to try, plus we have prizes.

Q: I’ve never given a conference talk before, I’m a bit nervous about this whole thing.
A: That’s not actually a question. I’ll speak to your point anyways, this is a great way to get some exposure to decision makers for our conferences and other ones, if you’re good we’ll remember you, next time there’s a CFP we can say “Oh we say her/him at php|works, let’s get em!”. Plus it's fun, and Paul will clap politely no matter what.

Q: Will Paul keep his pants on?
A: Magic 8-Ball says: Unclear.

Q: Will Kiss be making an appearance?
A: Tragically, probably not.

So yeah, send Elizabeth Naramore an email with your interest quickly while there's still a few slots left. She's at elizabeth at phparch dot com.

**While it's still an open bar.

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#1 Kolindsa on 2008-11-10 20:07 (Reply)

Kiss LOL Good good..
#2 Paul M (Homepage) on 2008-11-29 15:02 (Reply)

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