So I had another great time at ZendCon this year. Great conference, great attendees, lots of good times. I gave my Ajax and State talk that was a huge success. I may have dressed a bit better than usual for the talk this year. Though opinions range from me looking like a motivational speaker to a cult leader.

ZendCon usually has a different feel for me than our regular php|works and php|tek conferences. There's more businessy people here rather than just developers. It's a nice mix, but the booze doesn't seem to flow quite as easily.

I was quite happy to get a call out from the opening and closing keynotes. Cal Evans was kind(?) enough to present me as a PHP celebrity for the work beth and I do on the P3 podcast. During the closing keynote my suit wearing new trend was presented as a new level of class for the conference.

A great conference. If you haven't been to a PHP conference yet come out to php|works in Atlanta, this should whet your appetite, then you can head over to |tek in the spring, and back to ZendCon next year.

I'll be blogging (no php tag) about my drive down highway 1 this weekend, and hopefully posting a few interesting pictures.

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Hey paul was it you I talked to about Xdebug and zend framework?
#1 Richard Thomas (Homepage) on 2008-09-18 21:29 (Reply)

Good to meet you at the conference Paul. I look forward to working together on Magento goodies in the months to come.

Roy / Magento
#2 Roy Rubin (Homepage) on 2008-09-22 18:13 (Reply)

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