I’ve blogged about small challenges while working a few times: working where the work gets done, and listing everything you’ve actually done.

TeuxDeux is a fantastic accompaniment to both!

I think I love it for three reasons:

  • Easy as paper
  • It’s everywhere
  • It shows what I’ve done

Easy as Paper

To add an item you click in the text box under the day you’d like to do it, and hit enter. If you’ve got another item for that day you just continue typing, hitting enter after each item. When you’ve completed a task you click on it once and it’s struck through. Items you don’t complete one day are carried forward to the next.

It’s Everywhere

With a fantastic and easy to use website and iPhone app, I don’t need to remember to bring anything with me; I’m already carrying something around that will let me use it.

Shows me what I’ve done

A lot of the bug tracking tools I’ve used hide things that are complete, which can be a boon in a busy interface. In TeuxDeux’s simple interface that’s not required. Seeing my list of crossed out items grow throughout the day can be a small motivator to keep going.

Easy as Paper revisited

My real issue with a lot of bug tracking systems (and I’ve used many: Assembla, Jira, GitHub, Bugzilla, etc.) is the amount of time you spend simply entering a ticket. It’s one of the things I really loved about FogBugz, you could enter ticket items as quickly as you can with TeuxDeux. While you may require the ability to enter more detailed information in some bugs, for a To Do application, simplicity and speed reign supreme.

also: it's free. Go sign up

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