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Dutch PHP Conference day -6 part 2/? from Paul Reinheimer on Vimeo.

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Varnish is the shit*. I'm unsure which tutorial I've chosen to go to, but I'm sure it's either the caching on or the security one. Both should be Ace. Perhaps I can split myself in two and visit both. Or hook up security cam's in both rooms and watch them at the same time.

* I've been told that saying things are poo is actually a good thing.
#1 erik snoeijs (Homepage) on 2009-06-05 23:44 (Reply)

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Hi, I’m Paul Reinheimer, a developer working on the web.

I co-founded WonderProxy which provides access to over 200 proxies around the world to enable testing of geoip sensitive applications. We've since expanded to offer more granular tooling through Where's it Up

My hobbies are cycling, photography, travel, and engaging Allison Moore in intelligent discourse. I frequently write about PHP and other related technologies.