I'm happy to announce that I am now, or soon will be (October 1st) fully employed! This tragically brings an end to my very tough life of working 3 hours a day four hours a week, but will definitely allow me to accomplish more.

I will be working for Marco Tabini & Associates taking care of corporate training (live online training and classroom situations) and community development as a full time contractor. I've been doing the online training for the past eight months or so, so this is nothing new for me. Community Development was a central part of my role back when I worked with the now defunct eDonkey, so this will provide an excellent fit.

I'm looking forward to continuing to grow in this role by enriching the student and community experience.

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Hi, I’m Paul Reinheimer, a developer working on the web.

I co-founded WonderProxy which provides access to over 200 proxies around the world to enable testing of geoip sensitive applications. We've since expanded to offer more granular tooling through Where's it Up

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